Our classes

Õppima means flexible.

Everyone is different. So are we.

We offer both individual and group lessons.

Individual lessons are ideal if you need to achieve your goals quickly or prefer one-to-one coaching. Group lessons are a great way of reducing the cost while getting to practise speaking with other people.

Broadly speaking, our lessons fall into three categories.

General English

General English lessons are perfect for those who prefer a more structured approach to learning everyday English.

We follow a syllabus designed to get people talking and using English in a social environment. Practical activities provide the language and motivation needed to talk with confidence.

These lessons will help you understand and be understood every day.

Common themes include: expressing preferences, asking for and giving directions, discussing experiences.

Great for: regular study; travel; improving your level
Levels taught: all levels

Business English

Business English lessons give the opportunity to improve overall ability in English while practising language that is appropriate and useful in a business environment.

Lessons focus on discussing everyday business scenarios and introduce language skills that can be used in practical business contexts.

These courses help build confidence when speaking with colleagues and clients.

Common themes include: talking about your job or company, giving presentations, discussing performance.

Great for: regular study; work; improving proficiency
Levels taught: all levels

Conversation practice

Sometimes you just want to speak. No pressure.

Conversation practice is a great way to improve or maintain language skills in an informal setting with a teacher who provides correction and feedback as necessary.

Great for: occasional study; supplementing self-study; maintaining your level
Levels taught: elementary – advanced

Specific needs

Not everything falls into the broad categories of “general” or “business” English. We can deliver tailored training that focuses on specific needs or a specific industry.

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